Aysan Plastik - Koruge Borular
Aysan Plastik - Koruge Borular
Aysan Plastik - Koruge Borular
Aysan Plastik - Koruge Borular
Aysan Plastik - Koruge Borular
Aysan Plastik - Koruge Borular


Our firm produces corrugated pipes which have a great importance on reusability of sewerage and rainwater after they were send away and they were purified. They are more economical, more useful and more durable than competitor piping systems. They are produced as 6 meters length and they are produced from100mm up to 1000mm diameters. They have two categories according to calculation of external loads. These are SN4 and SN8.

Aysan Corrugated Pipes are produced with prEN13476 European Standard by high technology machines.

Corrugated Pipes Diameters Ø (Millimeter)

ø100 • ø150 • ø200 • ø300 • ø400 • ø500 • ø600 • ø800 • ø1000

The advantages of corrugated pipes, which are produced with the quality assurance of AYSAN PIPE, were listed in the below:

  • All of the Aysan corrugated pipes are self-muffed and they help save time, labor and gasket, and at the same time they decrease the risk of leaking out % 50 in comparison with pipes which are connected with muffs.
  • External layer of Aysan corrugated pipesare produced from black colored material which is resistant UV lights and impacts.
  • Their resistance against to outer loads is very superior.
  • Thanks to their low weight,they are easy to be transported and to be used.
  • They are easy to be dispatched and to be stocked.
  • Their installation, their repair and their maintenance is very simple.
  • They are more economical than equivalent products.
  • They help work without any wastage.
  • They are resistant against chemicals.
  • They are not affected by conditions of nature and atmosphere.
  • Self-muffed pipes can be connected each other without need of any attachments.


There is an unrestricted flow in the sewage system but they are exposed to outer loads because they are constructedunder the ground. Therefore, there is a great importance of external loads such as traffic loads and ground loads. Corrugated Pipes are designed to be resistant against these loads.

There are some lagging rules to follow for underground pipe applications in the sewage system of wastewater. In the underground applications, in order to serve of corrugated pipes and its attachments without any problems for many years, layers should be compressed one by one for not leaving soft soil around the pipes while the channels are being filled.

Especially filling under the pipes with padding is very important. If filling procedure is made properly to specification by compressing fully, the pipe does its duty smoothly because traffic and soil load will be transferred partly. If compression is not done properly due to the holes which will occur, the risk of collapse can be happened because the pipe cannot transfer the load to other forces which it is exposed.

Filling Material: A material-which is suitable for compression should be used that it consists of pieces which are 0 up to 20 mm diameters which contains %20 humidity at most.

Lagging and Bedding of Corrugated Pipes


  • 45° Elbow

  • 90° Elbow

  • T Item

  • 45° PVC’s Out C Item

  • 45° Corrugate Out C Item

  • Sliding Muff

  • Muff

  • Pipe Stopper

  • Gasket

  • Reduction